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  " To be a world-class petrochemical company, with dominant Indian presence and a preferred choice of customers in terms of quality and value."  
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OPaL's Graduate Engineers and management training


1.  Date: 6 August 2010  Venue: Welcome Hotel, Vadodara  Organizers: OPaL

he The Guest of Honor, included all senior level patronage of OPaL : Shri. P K Johri, Chief Executive Officer, Shri. S P Bandopadhyay, Chief Finance Officer; Shri. A K Chattopadhyay, GM (Projects); Dr. R K Singhal, Chief technical officer; Shri Makarand Dixit, Head- marketing and Shri Deepak Singh, Head-HR.

The compering had been given by our much-loved Sr. Marketing manager- Business analyst Mr. Dibyendu Deepak, in a very lively style, and full of comical gags  which reserved the enthusiasm and the zest for the rest of the event to be continued.

The very first one to carry forward the event was the very deserving man behind the team, the main anchor who made it possible for this event to manifest itself, in all its splendor and grandeur.

The face of our HR group, Shri Deepak Singh, shared his practical views on the practices required by the employees of the organization. He was correct to mention that the age has come down as the new recruited people are young and if we look at the average age of an employee of any organization, it stands somewhere between 24-34, which is fairly a young capita. 

Explaining and emphazing on the new learning practices he specified the quality of standards the HR team has set up to evaluate their performances and careful decision making. He also stated that young people should use their creative and innovative ideas to bring out the best from the organization and from them as well.

Second in the row to carry forward, was our very eligible, appropriately qualified and hard working GM (Projects), Shri. A K Chattopadhyay, who used wide variety of very graceful words and anecdotes, in imparting his knowledge to everyone present.

He started by mentioning himself as a mistry as he has spent all his life in construction field.

Remembering the great visionary of the country Mr. Subir Raha, he quoted that ONGC being the upstream industry nobody even imagined to enter into the petrochemical industry, as it was altogether a different ball-game, but it was Mr. Rahas idea and persistence that ONGC ventured into petrochemical trade. 

Elucidating to the young newcomers, Mr. Chattopadhyay, continued that they are at the right place and at the appropriate time, as they have acquired all the know-how from their respective institutes and also they are a group of multi-disciplinary engineering and management trainees who can fulfill their visions. Boosting the Morales of the young people, he further said that people talk about companies, and no matter how brilliant people are, not everyone can reach to the top and be the owner of the company. But OPaL will be providing each of them, to become the owner of the company. The powers and authorities vested on you will make you more answerable and accountable for the wellbeing of the organization. For salaries Time will speak. If you become the owners in the future, then salary will not come in the way only ownership. If you give your best then nobody can stop you, instead youll be supported in every way by the people of the organization.

Granted that you have got the knowledge of latest technologies, but we have got advantage over you because we have got experience. So by combining your knowledge with our experience you will become complete managers and engineers.

Further he quoted that OPaL is formed with the flavors of private sector good things and public sector good things, so in short you have all the good things.

He advised the youngsters not to get carried away at the most tempted moments and take mature and wise decisions and not to lose any single opportunity to analyze things, observing etc. as they will take you higher and are the qualities of good managers and engineers.

He also mentioned that we dont have big infrastructure as we are still in formation state but whatever we have we will provide it to you, in the learning process.

He concluded by saying that with the support of all the dignitaries on the dais, you will find this place wonderful.

Next in the list was our praiseworthy Chief finance Officer Shri S P Bandopadhyay. He started by telling us, about his journey with OPaL so far. He stated that, 2 years back, when he got the opportunity to join OPaL, he was a little hesitant and took advises from different people. One of them advised that its a lifetime opportunity, a dream to be with a company through its birth, nurture it to its adulthood and then carefully managing it to its grown up years.

He cited I think you are fortunate to be here as its just beginning its journey.

Shri. Bandopadhyay, by combining his anecdotes and his advices created a lively ambience and kept the magic building. He counseled everyone present there to associate themselves with the process and to be more initiative and creative and emphasized not to become obsessed with the work but rather keep the passion, hard work alive and grow with the organization from day one.

For the healthy management atmosphere and growth, work alone is not enough, what is required is INTEGRITY (Honesty and loyalty).

As you are all entering into a working environment from your college life, there is huge change, so you have to adjust yourself with the differences accordingly, and also be careful of adopting your habits.

He ended by saying, well work together in the days to come, and this new organization have lots of opportunities for all of you. Im sure all will succeed.

 Our very own ever-smiling Chief Technical Officer Dr. R K Singhal, with his very beautiful and elegant choice of words and phrases enhanced the morale of all the new joinees. He started with complimenting our HR Team for setting up quality standards to be fulfilled by the young ones. He welcomed them all by saying On the ship OPaL that has just started sailing for its long journey, you are the 1st batch of management and trainees.

He continued by saying that its apparent that they are from the best institutes and are acquired with the best knowledge, and now its the time to put them in practice. You are few of the lucky ones as youll be contributing to the system. OPaL is providing you a very rare opportunity as it will become your USP and increase your market values, but you need to put in long hours and dedication within reasonable period of time.

Voicing his agreement with others on the most similar point he said, you will get all the support, from your colleagues, management, but there will be certain aspirations from you and you will have to give your best to fulfill them

In terms of Petrochemicals Complex he cited that, the whole idea is to expand your horizons, and keeping a fair knowledge of total value chain and improve on the quality with constant process.

Shri. Makarand Dixit, our very own leading Head marketing gave this whole induction a very personal touch by reaching out to the youngsters, reducing the distance, making them more comfortable and becoming one of them. He started by giving them the examples that whether or not have they joined OPal, it would still have touched their lives in some or the other way.

He asked a question to everyone of why they joined OPaL, and even presented his views on the same. He reflected on the importance of making the right decision at right time, and that they will be trained in that with the passage of time. He gave priority to look for the opportunities to grow with the organization as the Indian Petrochemical Industry is going to see a boom and in 10 years time 10 more OPaLs will be needed. He accorded the significance of passionate hard work and retaining the fun without getting obsessed, in combination of a beautiful metaphor :- during childhood, or the as a child, we sow seeds in small gardens and nurture it with all love, gentleness and care, and when that garden starts bearing fruits, we get an inner satisfaction. That pleasurable satisfaction will be the same once OPaL project will come up.

He cinched by encouraging the youngsters to enjoy their work.

Referring to him as the Master Chef, Mr. Dibyendu Deepak, welcomed our highly respectable and merited Chief Executive Officer, Shri P K Johri on the mic. Honorable, Shri. Johri quoted the famous saying by Winston Churchill, Success is not final, failure is not fatal, its the courage to continue that counts. He also said, distance is not a matter of closeness

He remarked his elevation and enthusiasm to see young joinees, and then shared his journeys experience from 2 years back when the team started with 15-16 people and now its a quantum jump for OPaL team. He congratulated Mr. Deepak to arrange for the days function.

He then moved on to  introduce all the Senior management people one by one, starting with Mr. Chattopadhyay to Mr. Makarand Dixit, and showed his pleasure for the engagement of all those who starred in OPaLs vision to become reality. 

He confirmed his delight on OPaL starting with few people and growing day by day and reaching 100% number. This proves that the company is growing and continues to work and we are already ahead of schedule

One very important thing, you own the company and the company will own you.

Respect the elders and love to youngsters

Let go of Ego, No to No etc

He extended his wishes his thanks to whole of OPaL family.

After the senior dignitaries came to an end was a time for some short tea break and every one took that chance to introduce themselves to each other and know each other better.

Once again when the ceremony resumed, it was now time for all the people who supported in the Vision of OPaL, without whose ownership, thoroughness, hard work and efforts. All the DGMs and GMs shared their views and experiences

Starting from Shri. U C Sharma DGM (instt.), Shri. Rajendra Tewari DGM (E), Shri. Swaroop Jhampri Head DFCU, Shri. I K Tai, HR Executive and many more, shared their valuable experiences, anecdotes and gave important advices to enhance the spirits of the new comers.

All the trainees were given the fair chance to speak about their learning experiences, the challenges they have seen and handled and any talent that they wanted to showcase.

All the new joinees came on the stage and introduced themselves and many of them showed their extra skills. All the young ones were very energetic and enthusiastic. Especially one trainee was really outstanding from the group. On request from the guests, to perform Bhangra, he said that it would not happen without song and company, to which our dear Rohan Roy  volunteered to sing a Punjabi song and Mr. Dibyendu offered to  give him company. It fashioned a  really charismatic ambience. Others were thoroughly awe-inspired and they sang, danced and even performed dramatics on the stage.  Their contagious zest spread through all the guests in attendance and almost everyone there showcased their special talents.

Our very own soft-spoken, ever smiling CE (C&M) Shri. Raj Kamal Gupta, recited a shayri in a pro-style and had us all thoroughly entertained. Our Head marketing Shri. Makarand Dixit and Sr. Manager-Business Analyst Shri. Dibyendu Deepak, both sang beautiful songs.

Mr. Deepak Singh, once again boosted the youngsters morale and also said that as the young batch will be moving to the site, they will have to be prepared for a little harder schedule. He went on to express that, now that a trend has been set in, it will be continued on a larger and bigger scale from here on. Next year once again, there will be a congregation, to celebrate the moment of  new members boarding the OPaL ship on its long sail, and all the members old and new will be gathered as one big family.

The vote of thanks was given by our Advisor (Technical) Shri. R R Dave, and all of us then departed for sumptuous dinner.

It was a really exhilarating experience to meet everyone on such a nice occasion when the whole of the OPaL family got together, under one roof to join in the celebrations. We all are looking forward to many more of such beautiful occasions in the years to come.